What is multimodality and how does it differ from conventional modes of storytelling?

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The benefits and drawbacks of micro-blogging, and a critical reflection on my own experience.

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Completing an industrial placement entered me into the world of digital marketing and taught me a number of valuable lessons.

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The reason why avocados should be making headline news.

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With climate change and sustainability increasingly becoming a hot-topic for travel journalists, it was only a matter of time until I looked into it myself…

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With the UAE on its way back to normality, could it be that tighter media laws & restrictions could be a major contributor in overcoming COVID-19?

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Typical media narratives presume Christmas travel is for leisure purposes, but that isn’t always the case…

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Social media influencers are redefining travel journalism, but have they cast a spell on your travel plans?

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The contemporary rise of a new type of dependancy.

Rosie Moon

UK / Dubai based blogger | Entering into the world of travel journalism, current affairs around the world & all things social media!🌍

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